Church Committee Contacts

Church Council-Gene Ashe,
SPRC-Sandy Gibson,
Trustees-Jeff Glaspell,
Worship-John Grimes,
Finance-Floyd Swanson, 
Missions– TBA

Ministry Teams

Altar Flowers. Kim Slawter 301-304-0181 or Teri Stull at
Altar Guild. Lois Kauffman at 301-845-6690 or Kitty Crum at 301-898-5782.
Bereavement. Nancy Denlinger at 301-695-4740, and Kathy Barrett at 301-606-2119.
Blood Drive. Betty George at 301-682-7255 or Donna Swanson at 301-845-6024.
Caring Team. Janie Piper at , or the church office.
Event Planning. Church office 301-845-9860.
Hospitality. Robin Hirsch at, or Kris Woolley at
Meal Ministry. WUMC meal ministry is available to provide a meal to members of our church family in need.
Contact Kim Slawter at , or call our church office at 301-845-9860 for more information or to volunteer.
Prayer Ministry – Prayer Chain. Contact:Nancy Duncan at 301-845-2169 or Rita Roberson at 301-845-8246.
Shawl Ministry. Helene Klemanski at 301-845-2572 or
Mens Group. Bill Butler at
Womens Group. Church Office 301-845-9860.
Website. John Grimes at